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GENERAL Description:
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GENERAL Overview

GENERAL Description
Oolong for jEdit helps you decompile java classes.
There are two main methods for decompiling:

Using the GUI mode. It automatically decompiles a java file and generates a UML diagram with class, method, and variable representations.

You can set a line number to jump to the first source line of the jEdit buffer.

Using the script mode. It can decompile java files and create an output HTML file that can be opened in Firefox to preview the decompiled java source code.
You have to set the output directory to where you want the decompiled java source to be saved.

Oolong for jEdit is divided into 3 main components:

A scripting engine
A GUI that can decompile and generate the hex codes of any file.
A GUI that can generate JAVA file with the help of the decompiled hex codes

The engine can decompile class files and generate code line numbers, debugging information, and other useful Java source code. The decompiler provides syntax coloring, block highlighting, code generation, and much more.

The GUI for decompiling is an easy to use java viewer that can decompile and preview any java file. You just have to set the file location and it will decompile the java file.

Supported Platforms:
This is an advanced Java decompiler for jEdit. It can be used on any platform with jEdit. You just have to install this plugin.

This is an advanced java decompiler. It requires the jEdit extension that can be downloaded from here. This extension can be downloaded from here.


When you are in jEdit plugin preferences there is a new check box named oolong. When it is checked you can use this plugin on the file. When it is not checked you can use it only on the file with oolong plugin.

You can start a decompiling with 2 methods

Using the GUI mode.

There are three modes:

Standard mode. This mode is an advanced mode. It 384a16bd22

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